Clever insults

We all hate that feeling when we try to think of clever insults for annoying people and nothing seems to pop up at the moment only for your Pentium of a brain to miraculously manufacture something clever after 5 working days. It is during these times you’d come to appreciate this list of clever insults we’ve drawn up. These insults aren’t just bare and blatant, they come with a special kind of finesse, so instead of cursing at someone next time they get you all rattled up and you can’t find the perfect response, simply try using some of these intellectually clever insults. We know there are literally thousands of ways to throw jabs at someone, funny ways, scary ways and the downright disgusting ways but none of them compare to these very clever one liner insults listed below.

All the clever insults

You can imagine how amazing it would feel to deliver any of these clever insults at the appropriate moments; especially when everyone thinks you have no comebacks. Well, they’ll be in for a surprise because with these grade of insults, you’re most definitely going to come out on top when it comes to face offs, you might want to carry an extra napkin around now that you have all these lines stored up in your head, I mean if you’re going to make someone cry you should be courteous enough to offer them a napkin after you’ve literally ended their lives with just one statement.  Remember the most important part of an insult is in the delivery, try to keep your clam and pause a little for effect while you look long and hard into the eyes of your victim for 10 seconds as you reverse the scenario. It’s always best to use these lines when you’re not the one who initiated the “insulting” they make them more epic, especially when they come as an interruption to people who think they’re owning you. Make sure you make it clear when you’ve successfully won, you didn’t read all these to be modest about you victory, heck mark the date on a calendar and send them biannual reminders of that day, we insist you carry on the petty tradition for as long as it takes. And just in case the recipient is a wizard with more comebacks than you imagined do not back down you didn’t come this far for nothing!! Rack that brain of yours and find something, do not accept defeat and if all else fails insult their mum and prepare to dodge the punch coming your way, you strong warrior of Cleverville.